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So, anyone who reads the Naruto manga knows that it ended some weeks ago with Chapter 700. As we saw at the end, the winning couples at the end were:

Naruto and Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura, Ino and Sai, Shikamaru and Temari, and finally Choji and Karui.

As I expected, this caused some anger from the fans of pairings who lost. However, it's really gotten sad: from fans making petitions to ban Naruto, to fans coming up with theories saying the ending was all a lie to some of the fan art some users have been putting out. I've even heard  some of Sakura's fans dropped their former idol because she ended up with Sasuke, not Naruto, which to me proves they were never true fans to begin with.

However, my beef is not with fans of a particular pairing, it's with shipping in general. Why do we obsess over who is going to end up with who in a manga like this? Romance was never a major theme or concern in this manga. Besides the obvious crushes and a couple of confessions of love, the pairing stuff was always put to the side for what actually mattered. So, why is it so important who ended up with who? Don't get me wrong, I did want Naruhina, but if Naruto had ended up with Sakura or just some random girl, I would have been disappointed but I would have moved on. Even with my main OTP winning, there were still some couples I wanted that didn't happen, but am I dwelling on them? No, because it's just not that important.

So, why don't we put the pairing stuff to rest and move on?
On Pairings at the End of Naruto
A small rant about people ranting about the pairings of Naruto. Contains spoilers if you don't read the manga.
The title says it all. So, what am I am hypocritical about? Simple answer: Yaoi. For the longest time, I've mocked gay pairings (never to a yaoi fan's face, or an artist's page, of course; that would be rude) and even now, I don't take gay pairings seriously (unless the characters in question are gay). At the same time, I find that I like looking at the art of slash and yaoi pairings which in abundance on this site. Why? I don't know. It's probably because it's just adorable and well-made and I can never turn away from well-drawn adorable things. Damn you, yaoi fangirls! Why did you all have to be such good artists!?
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